Funding to help improve ventilation

Are you concerned about the lack of ventilation and airflow in your venue or business premises as we move into the colder months? Access funding to pay for ventilation specialists who will audit your spaces and make recommendations for improvements that will help mitigate outbreaks without needing to reduce capacity.

What can the funding be spent on?

Businesses identified as having insufficient (natural and mechanical) airflow can access ventilation advice from specialist consultants to determine the most effective solutions to increase ventilation and mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission in their premises. 

Qualified consultants will carry out a survey to determine whether the business premise has adequate ventilation (including measuring air changes per hour) in line with HSE/CIBSE guidelines. You will be provided with a report of findings and recommendations for possible solutions where the premise is found to not have adequate ventilation. Ideally more than one option will be provided as a solution/recommendation for improving ventilation.

If the consultant recommendations include installation, adaptation or maintenance of any equipment such as mechanical ventilation systems, then further grant funding for this will be considered by Hertfordshire Growth Hub and the local Environmental Health team on a case-by-case basis.

Who is eligible for the funding?

Eligibility criteria for businesses to receive a ventilation survey and consultancy advice:

  • Business located within Hertfordshire
  • Under 50 employees
  • Insufficient (natural and mechanical) ventilation in the workplace
  • A business that has a current ventilation system which is not fit for purpose or needs an expert to determine its effectiveness
  • The business must be making every effort to be compliant with H&S law and be following Covid19 government guidance. Business has a health and safety risk assessment including measuring Covid19 as a risk and has controls in place.

Additional eligibility criteria for businesses to have a mechanical ventilation system installed/adapted or alternative equipment purchased to support achieving adequate ventilation:

  • The business owner must have landlord permission (if leasehold) to alter structures to install a mechanical ventilation system
  • The business has checked whether they will need planning permission and checked building regulations

Priority will be given to businesses that:

  • have insufficient (natural and mechanical) ventilation and have large numbers of people in confined spaces standing and mixing with each other e.g music venues, nightclubs, bars, indoor events spaces, small leisure centres & independent gyms
  • have no fresh air intake at all (via natural or mechanical means)

How do I access the funding?

To determine if you meet the eligibility criteria, all businesses interested in applying must book an initial 1:1 advisory visit. Following the visit, eligible businesses will be referred to Hertfordshire Growth Hub and invited to apply for the ventilation funding.

Following approval of the grant and completion of the work by the supplier chosen, businesses will need to pay the supplier directly and be able to provide evidence of this (i.e. supplier invoice and bank statement showing the payment being made) in order for the approved costs to be reimbursed by the Hertfordshire Growth.

Book a 1:1 consultancy visit to determine if you're eligible