26th March 2024

The quality of the water in our local rivers, lakes, canals and wetlands is under growing pressure to remain as fresh and natural as possible, which inevitably impacts the wide variety of habitats and biodiversity that they support.

All businesses have a responsibility to protect our waters.


Here are five top tips to help protect our waters:

1). Fats and oils – dispose of these carefully, particularly if you are operating a food business with high quantities of waste from cooking. Never put fats, oil, grease or solid items down drains as they may block them or cause back-up resulting in overflowing sinks and toilets. Businesses are required by law to make sure their waste does not block or damage the sewer network.

If you run a food business that creates contaminated wash waters with waste oil or grease you should install fat and sediment traps. It is a legal requirement under the Building Regulations to fit drainage serving kitchens with grease separators. You should also inform your water company.

Some companies now offer a free fat and oil collection service and recycle it to produce fuel - a win win!

2). Flushables – use engaging messages and signs to make sure your guests aren’t flushing any ‘nasties’. Wet wipes, plastic dental floss, sanitary pads and nappies are all items that should be ‘thrown’ not ‘flushed’.

3). Detergents and cleaning products – check with your cleaning company to make sure they are using environmentally friendly cleaning products and if you’re doing your own cleaning, be sure to choose eco products that are phosphate and chlorine free – there is plenty of choice on the market.

4). Cleaning our waterways – look out for volunteering opportunities to clean up local rivers and canals.

5). Pesticides – if you have gardens or are growing any form of crops, then avoid the use of pesticides which can run off into waterways and damage habitats and wildlife.


Further information

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