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SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) make up the vast majority of tourism businesses in the UK. Bed and breakfasts and other smaller accommodation providers, pubs, cafes, restaurants and smaller visitor attractions in particular all face the need to compete with big business, national and international brands and adapt to the changing ways in which we communicate with customers and potential customers.

Our Tourism Business Advisory Service has been designed to help deal with a number of aspects of running a successful attraction, accommodation or hospitality business.

Business start-up advice  - Are you considering opening your own holiday let or B&B but don’t know where to start?
Business review - How well are you doing? Are these areas that you could improve what you do and what you offer? 
Business health check - Are you happy with your profit margins? Are you buying at the best rates? Do you have a lot of food wastage – is your menu planned to be attractive and profitable?
Mystery shopping - Find out what your customers really think! A mystery shopping exercise is a great way to find out if you are providing the service and experience that you think you are.
Quality assessments - A professional assessment of your accommodation business by our experienced team will provide you with a benchmark and highlight areas for improvement. 

How much does it cost?

The cost for an appointment will vary depending on your type and size of business. Prices start from £150 +VAT. 

How do I book a consultation?

For more information, please email |

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